Tuesday, April 8, 2014

October 2013-March 2014

It's been a very long time since we last wrote and we apologize.  Here are some recaps of what has been happening in our lives.
Aiden has been walking for a long time now and LOVES to run with Michael.  It's really very cute!

Amada turned 30!!  Charles had a surprise birthday party planned and it was truly amazing.  He made this special book that has my life from when we met until now :)

Michael dressed up like Woody from Toy Story and Aiden like the Scarecrow from The Wizard of Oz for Halloween.  Charles dressed up like a triathlete and I, like a runner.  We went trick-or-treating around the neighborhood and Michael loved saying hi to everyone.

We went camping in Grampa and Gigi's new camper, which Michael absolutely loved.  We did quite a bit on that camping trip.  Michael went fishing with his new fishing pole, we tried out their new boat, we ran (saw a long snake), and we hiked quite a bit. Aiden loved his Elmo flashlight and really enjoyed camping.

We received turf from Kyle Field from Grampa and Gigi as an early Christmas present.  It is beautifully adorned with maroon and white rocks.

We spent Thanksgiving in Zapata.  The boys rode horses to their hearts content.

Christmas Time!!!  We did quite a bit during the month of December, especially one weekend in New Orleans.  The girls went from one party to the next.  It all started with a bridal shower, then another bridal shower, and then the Pili√© Christmas party.  Very fun but we were certainly tired.
Michael did his very first Fun Run!  It was the Jingle Bell Run and boy, when I told him that we were close to the finish line, he RAN!!!  It was awesome!!
It was definitely a "Puzzle" Christmas.  We got about 6 puzzles all together as Christmas gifts.  We've been putting a lot of puzzles together.  In fact, Charles, Elsa, and I rang in the New Year doing a 1500 piece puzzle :)

Aiden got his first haircut on December 31st.

We got a cat.  She came to our doorstep, I picked her up, took her around the neighborhood to figure out whom she belonged to and no luck.  When we took her to the vet, they found out she was chipped.  They called her owner.  Next morning, she was BACK!  I took her back to the vet to get the owner's information and I called her.  She came to pick her up that afternoon.  She came BACK 4 days later and we've had her ever since.  We call her Sol (sun) and Michael calls her Sol Tiger Knee Cat (don't ask).
She's sweet and beautiful!
Michael went to the movie theater for the first time ever and we saw the movie Frozen.
Charles celebrated his birthday by having a fun ULA.

Our first born turned 4!!!!  For some reason, 4 seems old to me and he really is getting older in the way he speaks, thinks, and acts.  My baby is not really looking like a baby anymore :(.  He's a sweetheart!  His birthday was a Western Theme so naturally we had ponies, cowboy hats, and bandanas :)

We also had some ADORABLE pictures taken of the boys by Rebecca Penny.  They are seriously precious.

Michael completed another Fun Run.  He ran a 1k on the sand! The run was in Galveston and it was cold and windy but he had a lot of fun and loved it.  We would go out for practice runs on the running tracks close to our house so he was well prepared :).

Our little Aiden has not had the easiest life yet.  We will be going to a GI specialist on April 16th and see what they tell us.  We hope and pray that they have some answers and that he has a simple solution.

We have also found out that Michael can read and write in Spanish.  He recently started getting reading homework in English from Montessori, so he's also reading in English.  I am truly impressed.

Aiden has been talking a lot more and can repeat most things such as: por favor, ya, si, mama (finally!!), Michael, Mickey, mum mum (snack he calls by name), and a few more that he's been saying for a long time like Dadda.

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