Monday, November 26, 2012

Halloween 2012

I am aware that we just celebrated a national holiday last week, but I still need to catch up on the previous holiday, Halloween, first.

Michael has always been into trains, and Amada ordered this year's costume months in advance.

Pre-game party

Driving the fire truck at the Halloween festival at a nearby park in Friendswood

Family shot.  It's a bit tough to see in this picture, but Aiden was so adorable, and we received many compliments.  One lady even stopped us to take a picture of him... to keep for herself.

Michael enjoying some candy from the Halloween party.  He liked the suckers but refused anything with chocolate in it, much to Amada's delight.

Pumping carving with Mami.

Trick or treat!

Isn't he so cute?  :)

Michael's favorite past time: watching photos and videos of himself.

Arm wrestling Chris.

I showed Michael how to sort and organize our silverware.  I guess he decided this is how they are supposed to go.

Always smiling

Enjoying the playroom
What a great Sunday... watching football with my two boys.

Michael coloring for Aiden

Both of our boys are thumb-suckers!

It's not difficult to get either Michael or Aiden to pose for pictures

Drinking his coffee, making his Mami proud

This is what happens when you let a toddler prepare his own snack.

Two crazy kids in love

Lovin' life


Hannah came over one night when something suddenly came up for her parents.  It was the first non-relative sleepover for both of them!

One night I took Michael on a "special adventure" to the park after dinner.  We were the only ones out there, and we both had such a blast.

He knows how to be cute.

Blue Steel

Video proving we gave Michael a chance to try some of his Halloween chocolate.

Here is a video of Michael reading a book created by Amada about colors.

Friday, November 9, 2012


October was a very fun month, and it started with a camping trip at Village Creek State Park just north of Beaumont.  The campsites were about a 200 yard walk from where you could park, so it was a bit of an effort getting all of our gear to the site, but being away from cars and any kind of noise for a couple of days was so nice.  Camping with a toddler and newborn isn't the easiest thing, but we had a great time and nobody got hurt, except for some chigger bites that Amada and I discovered on just the two of us the last day.

Since it has been a month since I last blogged, there's too much to write about.  I'll let the pictures do most of the talking.  Video links at the bottom.


It got pretty cold at night!  Sunday morning was just over 50 degrees.  We checked on Aiden throughout the night, but both of the kids were just fine -- not a peep out of either until sunrise!

Breakfast taquitos con huevo... yummy!!

This was Michael's "nap"... at least he stayed in the tent for 30 minutes so we could relax for a bit.

Found a walking stick just the right size

Can't have a camping trip without some hobo stew cooked on the coals!

Glow sticks at night

Just before we left the campground, I asked Michael what his favorite thing was on the trip -- he said collecting items in his bucket.

Ahhh the comforts of home


This is two years in a row for Amada's birthday that we forgot to take a family photo until after Michael was in his pj's

Michael entertaining himself while I get breakfast ready one morning

Blue Bird Circle gala -- lucky us!

Over 100 years separates these two!!!

Aiden's first horse ride  :)

5-year-old Alfonso in control of the horse.  Michael is obviously very excited.

Funny boys

This is one of my favorite pictures of all time -- thinking of framing it

Florence Welch has nothing on Michael

Just hiking in the woods

Aiden starting to grab more items

Buddy buddy

Michael at the Little Gym

Aiden's mobile