Thursday, August 15, 2013

Aiden's walking!

Another three months have come and gone.  It's been a pretty busy summer and I won't try to capture it all here.  But the most exciting news is that Aiden can walk!  He's been teasing us for a while so I'm glad he finally decided to take more than one step.  I guess soon he'll no longer be upset when we walk out of a room... he'll just follow us like Michael does.

This past weekend Amada and I celebrated our five year anniversary!!  And we checked out the Dinos Alive! exhibit at Moody Gardens.  It was relatively small, but definitely worth the trip.  Michael and Aiden both enjoyed it.  Here are two videos worth checking out: and

Random vid of Aiden doing pullups



Mami is enter there somewhere!

Nathan has made a lot of funny faces in his life, but for me this one takes the cake.


Rare occurrence of Michael not wanting to smile for a picture.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Three months of activities

We've had lots of good times in the past three months, and the boys have done many new things.  We've had a birthday party (Michael), first teeth (Aiden), first time pulling up (Aiden), first flight (Aiden) and reading small words (Michael).

Before the 100 pics, here are some videos:

Michael's 3rd birthday train ride

Aiden beginning to stand and play

Dancing at Lu's wedding

Michael riding a dinosaur

Michael's first 1/2-mile run

Aiden walking by himself with a walker

Michael eating raw kale -- because that's what he does

Yummy food Mami!

Valentine's Day 2013

Back when it was difficult for Aiden to stand

3rd birthday with Ms Jaime, our cake lady

Played a trick on him!

Michael's actual birthday at the Children's Museum

I think he likes puzzles

Fresh picked strawberries

Going to the Houston rodeo

Hi Mom!

He likes to do some of his puzzles upside down for an extra challenge.

Tracing his name

Brothers playing together


Aiden was freaked out by the cracking eggshell Easter tradition

Most of our trips to/from Zapata stop at Freer High School at the halfway point.  We've spent a lot of time there on the weekends.

Getting more comfortable standing

Michael helped me mow the entire front and back lawns

Crawfish Boil

Breaking it down at Lu's wedding

Michael was definitely in his comfort zone

First trip to the dinosaur museum!

He was terrified of this loud, moving dinosaur when we first walked in.  But before we left the museum he begged me to let him ride it -- and he did great!

Getting ready for Michael's first 1/2-mile run.  He made it in 10 minutes!

First kite flying

Charles and Amada had a long weekend in San Fran to see k's Choice and stayed with Lily and Andres.

Check out the tandem!  We biked all the way up to the bridge, across it, and into Sausilito for a great lunch on the water.

First time fishing!

We caught three little ones!

Visited Indy for Chris' surprise 40th bday party.  Michael had a blast at their farm, and wasn't scared to touch the fish or worms.

Michael carrying Aiden before our plane trip back!

Making cupcakes