Sunday, December 16, 2012

Plenty to be thankful for

It's easy to find things we don't have that we want, but there are very few things in the world that could make me happier than I am already.  Blogging is a great way to share some stories and pictures with friends and family, but I mostly do it because I love re-living our family moments so much.  Here are the highlights from our fabulous, week-long Thanksgiving trip in the San Antonio area.

Not pictured is Aiden rolling over again, for the first time since he was 3 weeks old.  It's about time, young man!  And the timing and circumstances seems appropriate because Michael rolled over for the first time on a family vacation too, as he personally recounted in this old blog!  Of course Aiden's delay in rolling over is understandable as we don't give him as much tummy time as we gave Michael, partly due to irrational fear from his stomach surgery and mostly due to him being much more prone to spitting up.  And then just yesterday Aiden rolled from his tummy to his back three times with me.  Amada saw the third time and asked why I wasn't taking a video -- apparently all the other times had been from his back to his tummy (my bad).  But once the camera started rolling, he was done.  Maybe we'll get video of him rolling over again before he's a year old.

Video of Michael singing about an ostrich during the safari car ride

Video of Michael at the petting zoo.  Classic line: "bye bye ... this animal!" because he doesn't know its name

Video of Aiden laughing at Michael

I hope Aiden wasn't still sitting between Tio Jefe and Nathan when this picture was taken!  And check out that tangle of legs.

Michael, we said to pet the animals... not your cousins!

Thanksgiving Dinner, the way it's meant to be

3-point stance.  Aiden is ready to tryout for the Texans


Michael turned out to be a big fan of all the rides.  He rode a few roller coasters too and loved them!