Friday, October 5, 2012

We call Aiden "butter"...

...because he's on a roll!

At two and a half weeks old, Aiden was at the doctor's office lying on the patient table.  Nobody was holding him in place because, of course, newborns that young are not mobile.  Then all of a sudden Aiden rolled to his side to our collective amazement, and three adults quickly reacted.  I chalked it up to a table that must have been slightly slanted, but a week later at home, he rolled from his belly to beck!  Amada saw his first roll, and I ran the video until he rolled again.  I chopped out the 4 minutes of video waiting for his second attempt, but still the process of trying to roll took him two minutes:  Aiden Rolling!

All told, Aiden rolled over 4 times that week.  He hasn't rolled over since; his pediatrician says it's because he's too chubby  :)

Michael enjoys watching our wedding video.  Here's a video of him imitating the cupid shuffle dance.

Dr. Visaria, who delivered both our boys

Nice weather to play outside!

Monkey see monkey do


They really do love each other

3-month pictures by Amada

Will his eyes stay blue?!

Aiden's first parade with Mr. Cool and Hannah