Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Christmas 2012

Where did 2012 go?  I can't even remember how life was a year ago, but I know it was a lot different than it is now.  Aiden is now 6 months old, Michael will be 3 years old next month, and Amada and I have been keeping extremely busy.  Aiden is rolling around with ease now, and I assume he'll be crawling some within a month.  Michael is becoming slightly more independent and shows off his skills by doing puzzles on his own.  He asks "why?" about 200 times a day (not exaggerating), and when he does or sees something new he likes to ask "Is that good?" or "Is that funny?" to learn.

We missed our annual pre-Christmas trip to New Orleans because I had a fever for 3 days, but we did go last weekend instead to visit with some family and friends.  We were able to make it to Zapata the weekend before Christmas, and then celebrated Christmas at home.

For New Years Eve we had a quiet evening at home with a bottle of wine and enjoyed Amada's very tasty menudo.  I begged her to let me go to sleep before midnight, but she said no  :)

Aiden had his 6-month doctor's visit today, and it went very well.  Just like Michael around this time, he's around 25th percentile in height and 75th percentile in weight!  We make chubby babies.  Aiden weighs 20 lbs and Michael is 36 lbs... it's not easy to hold either one for very long.

Video of Aiden and Michael getting tossed in the air

Video of Aiden eating solid foods for the first time, on Christmas Day

Video of Michael feeding Aiden

Free pictures with Santa!  In fact, taking them to Bass Pro Shop was like free admission to a children's playground!

Very proud of his belt buckle handed down by Alfonsito

Future cowboy

Sequence for Kids!  He loves this game now!!
After Christmas Eve mass -- a family tradition

Milk, cookies and a letter for Santa.  I heard Santa really enjoyed those cookies!!

Christmas morning
Aiden sure seems to like Amada's new mug with 20 pictures of him on it

This breakfast tray has worked out sooo well

Up until their first playoff game this year, the Texans were winless since I got this shirt.  Those Rosetta Stone dvds in my left hand come packed with 250 hours of learning fun!

Michael found this unwrapped present in my closet about a week before Christmas... so obviously this present was from Mami and Daddy ;-)

A mirror!  All babies love mirrors.

Learning the rules of Sequence.  He can get through 2 games usually before he needs to run around some more.

Kickboarding it up

Skyping with the Wellmans on Christmas morning

Preparing for his first taste of cereal

Michael going to town on his first corn on the cob


Alien putty

Holding his own water

Sweet potatoes!  Other organic fruits and vegetables he's had to date: bananas and avocado.

Michael finished his snack and then put his bowl on his head to be funny.  I took a picture of him because it immediately reminded me of the toy below...