Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Aiden's Status

Aiden, like I mentioned before, will be having an appointment with a GI specialist on April 16th.  It can't come soon enough for us.

We've been frequently seeing his pediatrician because he has been throwing up more and more.  She changed his medicine from Prevacid to Nexium and prescribed Reglan.  During our visits with her, she always asks if he is having bowel movements.  We've always told her that he is very regular and there are no issues there.  She asks us because it is a symptom of abdominal adhesions, which could very well happen because of his surgery. 

On Sunday, April 6th, he had not had a bowel movement since Friday and he had been throwing up.  Charles and I decided to take Aiden to Texas Children's ER.  We have amazing friends and we dropped Michael off with them.  After about 4 hours of being there, they took 2 x-rays and confirmed that there was not a blockage and that there was, in fact, a lot of poop.  After 6 hours, we got a prescription for Miralax (softens stool) and we went home.

The next morning, I called his pediatrician's office and she returned our phone call telling us that we needed to go see her.  Aiden had still not had a bowel movement and was still throwing up.  She gave him an enema.  She also said to stop the Reglan since it's what coincides with when he started to be constipated. He was in so much pain and had no idea what to do but he finally had 2 dirty diapers.

We got home and tried giving him the Miralax but he would not take anything.  We tried Gatorade, juice (different types), Pedialyte and nothing.  He kept throwing up and just wanted water.  His nurse called to see how he was doing and told us that water was not the best since it could agitate his stomach and maybe causing him to throw up more.  We were at a loss.  Aiden finally stopped throwing up at 9 pm.

Tuesday, April 8:  We decided to take a different approach to his medication.  I made him a Vanilla Arbonne shake with a Greens mix powder and Charles would put a little bit of the shake in a cup with some Miralax and he would actually drink it.  Charles made deals with him in which Aiden could drink a sip of water (all he wanted) but then he had to have the shake.  Aiden took the deal and finished up his medication.  He finally had a dirty diaper close to 2 pm!!!  Then he had another one and is now acting more like himself. 

Aiden is looking really skinny but we Thank God that he is doing better.  36 hours with no vomit is a very welcome sign for us (and gives our washing machine a break).

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