Friday, July 18, 2014

Summer 2014

I can't believe it's already going to be August!! 

A little update on Aiden:  He's been doing really great ever since we found out he is extremely sensitive to DAIRY.  Even though we thought we had taken out all dairy, we started to read the labels carefully and found that even Veggie Chips have dairy.  Aiden had his GI appointment last Tuesday, July 8th, and the specialist decided to go ahead and start giving him Prevacid every other day instead of every day.  We're still a little uneasy about this but we will go with what he says for now.

May:  Mother's Day, Zoo, Crawfish Boil

June:  Father's Day, GranCamp, Aiden's 2nd Birthday party

June has been a very busy month.  It started off with Charles and I going to Mexico for a friend's wedding and my parents taking care of the boys. It was a much needed vacation for us since that was our first alone since babies!!
Father's Day was spent at our house with Grampa and Gigi coming over for the festivities.  We tried out our new water slide and pool.  
The boys had so much fun with Grampa and Gigi, Molly, and Nathan during GranCamp.  This was Aiden's first time ever being there the ENTIRE time!!! 
Aiden turned 2!  It was a Medical theme because that has been his theme since he was born and we're hoping that this is it...God willing.  We also had to include Mickey because he LOVES "Kickey"!!

Dairy Free Cupcakes made by me and frosted by Gigi

Hitting the piñata

July: Horseback Riding & Writing Camp

Michael has been going to many camps this Summer.  The Little Gym Camps, Space Center: Rocket Camp, Horseback Riding lessons with Abuelito, Swimming lessons with Caitlin, and our latest, Writing Camp.  Writing Camp was done in our home because it was something I decided on doing since May.  I wanted Michael to go to this camp but figured that I, along with my friend, Beckie, could do one of our own since we were/are teachers.  We invited some of his and Hannah's friends over and it was adorable!  All of the kids had fun and I really enjoyed being able to teach more than just one child at a time :)

Aiden didn't want to be left behind

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